Pierre Guillaume Paris

Bois Naufrage

eau de parfum



Creamy, warm and comfortable.

A beautiful picture was the inspiration for this perfume. “Le Nu au Bois Flotté” (Nude with Driftwood) by Lucien Clergue. This perfume is woody and mineral, which is visualised in the photo.
Perfumer Pierre Guillaume treated wood of the Egyptian fig tree as drift wood and that gives this woody perfume a surprising freshness.

Quote from The Non Blonde's review of Bois Naufragé:
"Inspired by a 1971 picture by photographer Lucien Clergue, "Nu au bois flotté ", a nude female body with driftwood, Guillaume achieved a similar sensuality in his perfume. There's something about the smell of a fig tree that takes you there instantly. Combined with a salty ambergris and warm skin, Bois Naufragé smells like late afternoon on the beach. The day is gone, the sun is low in the sky, smells, regrets and feelings are intensified as the breeze picks up. There's a faint hint of tanning oil from hours ago and clean musk. The sea is foaming at your feet, filling your senses with its aroma: airy and green. The fragrance is vegetal, not ozonic/aquatic or "fresh". It's romantic, sexy and heartbreaking in a way you used to know in your youth and even more so now, as you're looking back."


fig, amber, salt chords, orris, neroli, hedione


Pierre Guillaume Paris

Formerly known as Parfumerie Generale.

Pierre Guillaume's creations all have a strong identity and signature. He does not compromise and is totally independent, working from his atelier in Clermont-Ferrand. On the other hand, his fragrances never become too intellectual or avant-garde, and they are always very wearable.

One of the innovative techniques Pierre uses in his creations, is a process called Photo-affinage or photo refining, the flattening of olfactory peaks through ultra-violet rays. This technique gives his fragrances that characteristic liveliness in Cozé or that melancholic touch in L'Eau Circé for instance.


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