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Lumiere Blanche

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Lumière Blanche is een iris geur met een twist, kardemom, steranijs en sandalwood geven deze geur een bijzonder accent. Transparant, luchtig en comfortabel.

Olfactoria's Travels over Lumière Blanche: "The whole perfume gives an impression of weightless warmth and soft tenderness. Its milky, spicy and creamy aspects trigger regressive impulses in me. I dream of warm beds, soft blankets, comfy pillows and leaving the world outside to hurtle on it it's mad pace, giving me space to breathe and be content in my very own cocoon, with just a book and a cup of tea. (Detail on the side: I adore the fact that this perfume is milky white, not clear, that visual correlation to the scent, makes the experience with this perfume perfect for me.) The sandalwood in the base is what remains for hours, creamy, milky and warmly spicy until the end (about eight hours later), Lumière Blanche is a delightful, non-edible comfort scent that never overwhelms, but gently cushions with its understated presence. It has radiance and a good sillage, but feels airy and light."

Quotevan Bois de Jasmin: "What I feel above all is just pleasure. As I press my nose into my wrist, I notice a comforting warmth from the perfume's blend of spices, almonds and sandalwood."....... If you enjoy milky-woody perfumes like Frédéric Malle L'Eau d'Hiver, but crave a more exotic twist, Lumière Blanche will be a great discovery."


kardemom, steranijs, kaneel, iris, amandelmelk, cederhout, sandalwood, tonkabean, musk


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