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Ashoka-eau de parfum-Neela Vermeire Creations-60 ml-Perfume Lounge
Ashoka-eau de parfum-Neela Vermeire Creations-60 ml-Perfume Lounge


Imperialist Buddha
Inspired by a legendary ruler, Neela Vermeire Creations’ new release Ashoka, is a tribute to an emperor who was conquered by his own compassion at the moment his victory was assured.
He converted to Buddhism and devoted the rest of his life to spreading the Buddha’s teachings, to truth, to justice and to compassion for all living creatures beneath the sun. His own evolution from ruthless conqueror to benevolent emperor is reflected in Ashoka’s journey from the fierce opening to a softly floral heart and the gentle embrace of its richly complex drydown.

Interesting review by Olfactorias Travels: "Ashoka is a perfume that impresses me first and foremost with its tenderness. It is a perfume that takes you gently by the hand and tells you to sit down and take a rest. To relax and come to your senses. Literally come to your senses, enjoy them, see, hear, feel and smell what is around you."

Winner of the Art and Olfaction Independent Award!


lotus, rose, water hyacinth, fig leaf, parsley leaf, osmanthus absolue, cassie, iris, incense, jasmine Sambac, fig milk, geranium, ylang-ylang, fir balsem, sandalwood, myrrh, birch, vanilla, ambergris, vetiver, leather, styrax, heliotrope



Perfumes inspired by the history, culture, nature and modern life of India.

De parfums van Neela Vermeire Creations zijn allemaal geïnspireerd op de kleurrijke diversiteit van India. Verrassende en intrigerende akkoorden ontstaan vanuit de Indiase spiritualiteit, haar geschiedenis, de dramatische landschappen, de vredige Himalaya’s, de kunst & architectuur, het eten, muziek, film en levendige kleuren van India. 

Neela Vermeire werkt samen met de innovatieve en creatieve parfumeur (neus) Bertrand Duchaufour. Met deze samenwerking slaat zij de succesvolle brug tussen de rijke Indiase heritage en het Franse hoogwaardige ambacht van de verfijnde parfumerie.


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Customer Reviews

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Such a lovely Team!

I ordered Ashoka and Trayee two weeks ago together with some samples from Papillon.

In Ashoka I get a lot of fig and jasmin with some spices and woody notes. Sometimes it reminds me just a bit of Soleil Blanc by Tom Ford, as it gets a coconutty vibe, but Ashoka is spicier and greener. Definetly unisex in my opinion. :-)

The whole package arrived two days later, they put a handwritten card in my box, together with some samples I haven`t known before. It was such a pleasure to order from you! Last week we visit their shop in Amsterdam, as I was so happy my order and this was such a pleasure as well, that we recommend them to other Perfume-lovers as well.
They have a nice selection of niche brands, know what they are talking about and were very friendly. I`m pretty sure, that it wasn`t our last visit of your store and we will order some perfumes again. :-)

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