Iris Des Champs - luxe reisverpakking

extrait de parfum

Iris Des Champs - luxe reisverpakking-extrait de parfum-Houbigant-4 x 7,5 ml-Perfume Lounge
Iris Des Champs - luxe reisverpakking-extrait de parfum-Houbigant-4 x 7,5 ml-Perfume Lounge


Luxurious 7,5 ml travel spray of the extrait de parfum of Iris Des Champs, including 3 refills.

In Iris des Champs, iris root is beautifully mixed with lily-of-the-valley, making is a powdery, soft scent due to the high dosages of the elegant lily-of-the-valley flower.

Did you know that iris root is one of the most valuable ingredients of the perfumer's palette? It is so pricey because of the complicated and lengthy process that must be undertaken to obtain it.

Houbigant about Iris des Champs: "We are following in the footsteps of our predecessor, perfumer Paul Parket, who made Fougère Royale inspired by ferns. Now we are looking at iris in a similar way. The flower of the iris, just like the ferns (fougère), have no odor, so walking along Parquet's creative path we have created an olfactory interpretation of the iris flower."


bergamot, lily-of-the-valley, pink pepper, iris butter, rose, jasmine Sambac absolute, ylang-ylang essence, sandalwood, amber, wood, vanilla, musk



Houbigant is one of the oldest French fragrance houses, which is still fully in business and as ever run by the family! The reason that this company is and has been successful for so long already is due to the 200 year old tradition of French elegance combined with the desire to innovate.

In 1775, the royals and nobles in Paris were already charmed by the fragrances created by perfumer Jean-Francois Houbigant, among which was Marie-Antoinette, queen of France and wife of Louis XVI.
Following that, Houbigant was appointed in 1829 to be the perfumer of Her Royal Highness Princess Adelaide d'Orleans and mother of King Louis-Philippe. In 1838, the French fragrance house even acquired the license of Perfumer for Her Majesty, Queen Victoria of England, and in 1890 Csaar Alexander III appointed Houbigant as perfumer for the imperial Russian court.

Nowadays, Houbigant is situated in Paris and their perfumes are composed in Grasse in Southern France, thé fragrance garden of the world. Houbigant created his first works there 200 years ago. 
Piece by piece iconic classics: (re)discover, for example, the elegant Fougere Royale or the romantic Quelques Fleurs.


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