Essais PI

eau de parfum


Ernesto Collado's tribute to the Pinaceae family. A mono-tree fragrance...

"A revealing encounter with a pine in its aromatic exuberance. Starting from the ground and the richness of its macrobiotic life, passing through the resinous trunk and reaching the needles that capture the Spanish sun. Forget about what you think you know about pine fragrances. This is the real thing."

PI is part of Bravanariz ESSAIS, 100% natural, called by Ernesto Collado 'olfactory digressions'. These olfactory digressions are an invitation to surprise, to the detour, sometimes long, sometimes, why not, a good unexpected shortcut. They take the olfactory experience further, leaving the beaten track behind to have more references and enhance a rich, varied and intense olfactory culture.

Enjoy discovering these non-perfumistic perfumes!

NOTE Bravanariz: This is not “a perfume”. It is an Olfactory Digression, and supposes a completely different olfactory experience. It does not comply with the IFRA standards, and for that reason not recommended for topical use. It may contain allergens. It is important for you to test it on your skin before buying. This is why we only sell it in exclusive perfumery shops, where specialized personnel will assist you.


Pinus pinea resin, Pinus halepensis essential oil, Pinus silvestris absolute and an absolute from a mushroom with a special symbiotic relationship with all pine’s roots. Including all parts of the pine trees: needles, fruits, pollen, resin, wood.


"I want to formulate with my hands, I want to get dirty, to touch and smell, to really follow my nose and have a much more intimate and primitive relationship with nature."


Bravanariz means 'brave nose' in Spanish. The subtitle 'smelling wild' indicates exactly what perfumer Ernesto Collado Sala does: literally capturing the natural scents of the untouched landscape during his walks in north-east Spain.

With the collected fragrances, he makes 100% natural and unfiltered perfumes. In the 'Landscape Scents' series he captures three places and seasons.


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