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This special limited-edition was created by Francesca Bianchi exclusive for Perfume Lounge, to celebrate its 10-year anniversary.
Unfortunately, the full (limited edition) batch of Cuir Soyeux is SOLD OUT!

We were delighted that Francesca accepted the challenge to make a creation based on the personal favourite notes of both Phine and Tanja, being leather and iris. The result: silky leather, a very sensual perfume with Francesca’s characteristic and famous signature, what bliss!

Cuir Soyeux is the result of close cooperation between Francesca and the Perfume Lounge team. Italian craftmanship and femininity meets Dutch passion and professionalism in perfume.

Our starting point was the desire to catch the tactile luxurious pleasure of silk and leather on bare skin. Elegant and smooth as silk, as sensual and tough as leather.

Cuir Soyeux is the ultimate elegance, a soft leather fragrance, with a decadent high dosage of iris.
A dash of powderiness by heliotropine and musk, a voluptuous flirtiness by precious magnolia and narcissus, rounded up by an overdose of labdanum, vanilla and sandalwood resulting in a creamy, warm and slightly dirty base.

The longevity is great, try it on your skin, and you will become addicted, just like us.

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iris, magnolia, narcissus, heliotropine, labdanum, leather, musk

People say

Sergey Borisov on "Cuir Soyeux is an elegant scent of soft labdanum leather with a large dose of orris. This is an extremely long-lasting perfume, try it on your own skin, and just like me, you will become really addicted."

Gilles Becker: "The Blue Safire, it is a gem. A fabulous take on the beloved iris leather fragrance family. There is a divine vintage feel to it, extremely shiny, bright, captivating almost narcotic although it expresses a soft, velvety luxurious atmosphere. ... It is very different from the whole range of Mrs Francesca Bianchi’s previous perfumes, it adds a timeless French style scent to her wilder, sexier, darker line. You can immediately recognize her signature in depth, but in a bright, joyful way this time. I wore it the whole week and it gave me a constant smile of contemplation and bliss, that’s how delicious it is. It makes me think of a Blue Safire... Don’t ask me why but it does. Love at first sniff. The Divine Witch of Amsterdam did it again."

The Plum Girl: "Cuir Soyeux opens with a surface of aldehyde-infused citruses, followed by deeper tones of narcissus and heliotropin with powdery vanilla dust in the background, while labdanum hovers as a fluffy cloud above. Magnolia is present as well, soft, opulent and slowly moving as movements of deeper layers bring forward a beautiful Orris structure, so characteristic for Francesca, rich, warm and smooth as heavy silk at the same time. Francesca’s leather accord in Cuir Soyeux feels like the inner side of leather touching your naked skin in a very sensual and musky, warm, velvety skin-on-skin way with a refined and creamy sandalwood layer, so if you’ve found some of her other “leathers” too strong for your taste, this fragrance might be just the one you’re looking for. Projection is strong to moderate, and longevity exceptional."


Francesca Bianchi

"Made by Italian hands", a beautiful statement to describe this brand of Amsterdam-based and self-taught perfumer Francesca Bianchi. 

The Italian perfumer Francesca Bianchi brought three scents to the market in 2016. These perfumes amazed many people and a series of positive reviews followed. Luca Turin rated her Angel's Dust with 4 stars, which sure is not nothing for a starting perfumer!

At the age of 28, her fascination for essential oils started. This grew out to be a true passion which she converted into creating perfumes. With pride she develops her scents. From the first draft, to the sticking on of the labels, she does everything herself, with her Italian hands, in her atelier in Amsterdam.

We enjoy working together with this extremely passionate and crafty perfumer. With great pleasure we can reveal Cuir Soyeux, a limited edition creation by Francesca, to celebrate our 10 year anniversary.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
One of the best leather creations
Wonderful as always
Maravillosa fragancia
Dear Tonio, thank you so much for your kind words about Cuir Soyeux. And indeed, how much however, we regret that our stock is almost gone, and how much we will miss this great fragrance... limited edition = limited edition (no marketing trick) Enjoy your fragrance!
A fine addition to the floral leather family
Fast, super friendly - and with a personal touch

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