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A true classic from Caron, this rich profound floriental is timelessly captivating.

Originally created in 1911 by Ernest Daltrof, Narcisse Noir is a bold and poetic fragrance. The fragrance was re-released in 2018.

Narcisse Noir pushes the dual personality of orange blossom to the extreme. Its immaculate sweetness fuses with brooding, fatally seductive notes that accentuate the richness of voluptuous sandalwood. The violet notes give this creation a slight powdery vintage twist.

Immortalized by Gloria Swanson in the film Sunset Boulevard, Narcisse Noir is a contrast of light and shadow combining the purity of orange blossom with the understated beauty of sandalwood.

Narcisse Noir is available as this concentrated extrait de parfum and also as a less concentrated eau de parfum.

Quote by The Non-Blonde:
"Narcisse Noir is wonderfully potent, lively, and unbelievably raunchy. Caron perfumes are not necessarily known for sexiness (remember that old adage about Caron for the wife and Guerlain for the mistress), but Narcisse Noir with its liberal use of civet makes vintage Jicky and Shalimar seem virginal. Between the hot breath of civet on the skin and the indolic jasmine and orange blossom, there's no doubt where and when one would wear Narcisse Noir."


Orange blossom, neroli, jasmine, rose, sandalwood, musks.



A unique olfactory signature

Since its founding in 1904 (!), Caron has been the lead example of pure genuine passion within the classic French perfume world. The founder Ernest Daltroff was one of the perfumers who formed the perfume industry and whose influence is still noticeable nowadays, just like Jacques Guerlain and Ernest Beaux of Chanel. Together with his creative director and maîtresse, Félicie Wanpouille, Daltroff created legendary fragrances including Narcisse Noir (1911), N’aimez que moi (1917) and Tabac Blond (1919). The aromatic Pour un Homme (1934) is seen by many French as 'the' classic fragrance for men.

A new creative tandem

Since 2020, businesswoman Ariane de Rothschild and perfumer Jean Jacques determine the course of Caron. They combine their shared love of fragrance, luxury, and tradition to bring the house of Caron into the 21st century. In addition to a focus on the classics of the brand, they will launch contemporary perfumes of the same exceptional quality.

Perfume Lounge is the only recognized Caron sales point in The Netherlands and proudly provides an extensive selection. 


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Narcisse Noir van Caron
Rich and chic

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