COVID-19 safety at Perfume Lounge

Also during COVID-19 we welcome you to our boutique. To make your shopping experience safe and hygienic for everyone, we have outlined our safetly measures below.
Hand sanitizer MSM

  • Maximum 2 customers in the store at the same time.
  • Personal Shopping appointments only with 1 person or 2 from 1 household.
  • Upon arrival, we ask you to clean your hands with the available hand sanitizer.
  • We ask you to take a seat on our comfortable bench during your visit.
  • Testers will be picked up by the staff and they will hand you the tester strips.
  • Face masks for customers are appreciated but not required. We have them available for you. During smelling of course you don't have to wear one.

  • What our staff does for your safefy: 
  • Our staff ensures excellent hand hygiene by washing their hands more often.
  • Our sales team will wear a face mask during your visit.
  • Contact surfaces such as door knobs, the PIN machine and the counter are cleaned several times a day.
  • We keep our daily staff team as low as is possible on a given day.

  • handen wassen
    Profilings & workshops:
  • We only book Profilings for 1 person or 2 people from the same household. 
  • We wear a face mask during your Profiling.
  • A perspex scherm will be placed between you and us for extra safety.
  • The door to our garden will be open slightly (if the weather permits) and we keep track of the air quality with an air purifier. 
  • We will not book workshops for now. 

  • Rather receive advice from your home?

    You can also order all our products online, we send our webshop orders every day. If you order before 3 pm, it will be shipped the same working day.
    If you need help navigating our collection, here you can ask for online advice. Next to that you can use our Perfume Finder to browse through our collection. Our Perfume Scan will get started in our collection in a playful way.

    This page will be updated when the guidelines from the Dutch authorities (RIVM) change.

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