COVID-19 safety at Perfume Lounge

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions by the Dutch government on our shop is closed until February 9th 2021. We are only available online and ship your orders every day, like always.

We still ship daily! This is what we do to ensure a safe work environment
  • Our staff ensures excellent hand hygiene by washing their hands often.
  • We keep our daily staff for webshop orders as low as is possible on a given day.

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    Profilings & workshops:
  • We cannot  book Profilings at the moment. You can buy a gift card and book your appointment in 2021, gift cards are valid longer and we keep safety measures when we hold Profilings again. Please check back with us in March 2021 to see if the COVID-19 rules allow it again.

  • Rather receive advice from your home?

    You can also order all our products online, we send our webshop orders every day. If you order before 3 pm, it will be shipped the same working day.
    If you need help navigating our collection, here you can ask for online advice. Next to that you can use our Perfume Finder to browse through our collection. Our Perfume Scan will get started in our collection in a playful way.

    Last updated January 13th 2021, this page will be updated when the guidelines from the Dutch authorities (RIVM) change.

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