The Different Company

Sel de Vetiver

eau de toilette



Zout op een warme, schone huid met ondertonen van 'aardse' vetiver en warm hout, een bijzondere en elegante creatie van Céline Elena.

"Une rencontre spectaculaire entre le Vétiver et le Sel de mer"

Wat Katie Puckrik vindt van Sel de Vetiver:" warm skin by a cold ocean.
Grapefruit is involved, and it’s the smell of the bitter pith, not the sweet citrus pulp. But mostly, there’s that vetiver, leaden and thick, shipped in from a heavy gravity planet. There’s a ginger bite. I detect a distant floral echo -- the listed notes say ylang ylang. It’s a savory-sweet bloom, real voluptuous, but here, the volume’s turned way down. I only catch wisps of the ylang ylang through the green-grey haze of grass and smoke and...what the -- salt? I know, I know, it says 'Sel' on the bottle, but perfumer Celine Ellena is not pussyfooting around with the saline. Once I tune into that intense mineral element, it feels so dry that my mouth almost starts to water. Then the salt ushers in a clean sweetness, and the whole thing finishes up smelling like warm skin by a cold ocean. And that is not only the opposite of 'Yak!' -- it’s downright transfixing."

Voor de 100 ml verpakking is een refill beschikbaar.


vetiver (uit Haiti), patchouli, zeezout, kardemon, geranium, iris, grapefruit, lavas, ylang ylang


The Different Company

An unclassifiable brand, essences immortelles

 An English name for a French company, it is clear that The Different Company strives for unconventionality. This is haute perfumery, not compromising and using high-quality materials yet remaining very comfortable and fresh. 
The Different Company was founded in 2000 by designer Thierry De Baschmakoff and perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena.
In 2004 Celine Ellena followed in the footsteps of her father, as the perfumer-creator of The Different Company. He left in 2004 to become the in-house perfumer at Hermès. Big footsteps to fill, one could argue, but Céline was fit for the challenge and left her signature on the brand. Her second creation, Sel de Vetiver, immediately received a 5 star rating (highest possible) by Chandler Burr, scent critic of The New York Times Magazine.
More recently, several guest perfumers were invited to use their creativity. Like Christine Nagel for Une Nuit Magnetique and Alexandra Monet for Le15, a limited edition released on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the brand.


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Mijn nummer één!

Omdat ik dol ben op de Vetiver geur heb ik in de loop der jaren diverse Vetiver geuren geprobeerd. Ook Annindriya Perfume Lounge heeft diverse heerlijke Vetiver's in haar assortiment. Maar de Sel de Vetiver van de The Different Company is wat mij betreft veruit de meest verfijnde. Mede vanwege het vleugje zeezout waardoor je de zoutkristallen zelfs op je lichaam voelt.
Niet voor niks doe ik de Sel de Vetiver mezelf voor de kerst cadeau.

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