Maison Rebatchi is a modern perfume house with French-Algerian roots, where elegant, refined perfumes are created with an enormous eye for detail.
The founder Mohamed Rebatchi was born in France, his parents come from Algeria. The Rebatchi family considered perfumes a luxury to celebrate happy moments.

We are very proud that Mohamed Rebatchi, as a young Algerian-French, followed his dream and realized the Maison Rebatchi perfume brand with such passion and precision.

Mohamed gives every perfumer creative freedom to capture the spirit of his brand in the perfume. Each fragrance contains one or a few ingredients that symbolize the multicultural roots of Mohamed, an invisible scented bridge between France and the Middle East.

The circle of perfumers is diverse and talented, and all have a link with Mohamed: Karine Chevallier ('soul sister'), Randa Hammami ('godmother'), Bertrand Duchaufour ('galvanizing artist'), Maurice Roucel ('the alchemist' ), Alienor Massenet ("rebel in wonderland").
The perfumes are made in Grasse, where the production partner grows and harvests roses with the specific French 'savoir-faire' May.

The bottles are specially designed and made for Maison Rebatchi by the master designers Pierre and Jules Dinand. The special mashrabiya motif on the bottles (Arabic name for decorative patterns in Arabic architecture) is not only very aesthetic; it also beautifully depicts the founder's origins and DNA.

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