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Don't you just love the right atmosphere in your home? After a long day of work, there is nothing better than coming home to an oasis of tranquility and a wonderful feeling of comfort. Scent is very important in that and our room fragrances enhance the feeling of home. In addition to the fact that the products smell nice, they are also an eye-catcher for the interior. In this blog we help you choose the perfumes and products that suit you.

What do you scent your house with?

Which product you choose for which atmosphere or fragrant experience? People with pets or small children will benefit more from a room spray. Leaving burning candles or reed diffuser out of the danger of being knocked over. While these a candle provides an intimate atmosphere or and reed diffusers are great for a constant scent experience. Below you'll find a brief summary of the benefits per product type.

Scented candle
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Are you looking for a beautiful object that also creates a pleasant atmosphere at special moments? Then scented candles are what you are looking for. Next to the pleasant scent experience, they also bring an intimate feeling to the room. You don't have to burn scented candles all night. As soon as the wax of the candle gets warm, the scent is released, and will continue to smell long after the candle is blown out.
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Room spray

For an immediate, strong scent, a room spray is the ideal product. It immediately gives off scent and is also the most intense and rich in scent experience. With a room spray you can easily and quickly disguise unwanted scents. You can spray a room spray in the air, but they also adhere well to fiber. Think of a rug, pillows or the sofa. To do this, spray from a long distance and check before if discoloration will occur.

Reed diffuser
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Are you looking for a more subtle scent experience that you don't have to worry about? You'll love our reed diffusers! These give off a constant scent throughout the day. Which is nice in areas where you spent a lot of time, such as the hall, bedroom, but also living room or kitchen.

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How do you choose the right fragrance for your home?

And now for the hardest (and most fun!) question. Which home fragrances suit you? Fragrance preferences are personal and depend on what you like.
We created some collections for you where we highlight different styles in room fragrances.

    Cheerful & colourful          Clean & calming         Intimate & warm          elegant & chic

Cheerful & colourful    Clean & refreshing     Intimate & warm          Elegant & chic

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