VaderdagIt is almost Father's Day. We like to celebrate our fathers every day, but this Sunday he and all fathers can be treated a little extra and what could be more fun than giving and getting a beautiful fragrance!
For all those different fathers, we have made a selection of different scents.

Fragrances for the daring father

  • Duro, Nasomatto
  • Vi & Armis, BeauFort London
  • Arabian Horse, Pierre Guillaume
  • Askew, Humiecki & Graef
  • Brutus, Orto Parisi

Fragrances for the classical father

  • Pour Un Homme, Caron
  • New York, Nicolai
  • Vetiver, Lorenzo Villoresi
  • Fougère Royale, Houbigant
  • Ambre Topkai, MDCI

Fragrances for the father that has a sweet tooth

  • Concorde, Salle Privée
  • Boccanera, Orto Parisi
  • Chai, Baruti
  • Cozé, Pierre Guillaume
  • Lignum Vitae, Beaufort

Fragrances for the father that loves subtle scents

  • Bois Mystique, Houbigant
  • Poivre Colonial, Phaedon
  • Autoportrait, Olfactive Studio
  • Vetiver Rain Skin, The Zoo
  • Gentle Fluidity Silver, Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Fragrances for the father that loves fresh perfumes

  • Pacific Rock Moss, Goldfield & Banks
  • Community, The Zoo
  • Uomo, Lorenzo Villoresi
  • Cologne Grand Siecle, Pierre Guillaume
  • Eau de Yuzu, Nicolai