Ernesto Collado - all natural perfumer of Bravanariz

"I want to formulate with my hands, I want to get dirty, to touch and smell, to really follow my nose and have a much more intimate and primitive relationship with nature."

Bravanariz means 'brave nose' in Spanish. The subtitle of the brand is 'smelling wild' and this fits perfectly into the picture. Perfumer Ernesto Collado lives by this attitude with his honest and special scents. He has captured our hearts with his charming and enthusiastic personality and love of storytelling.

In 2014 he followed in the scented footsteps of his grandfather, who was a leading perfumer. He decided to translate his love for hiking and nature into capturing the scent of a location. How does that forest smell at that particular place in the Empordà (Northern Spain) at that time of year? He literally does this by capturing the fragrances he finds on his walks.

With this he makes 100% natural and unfiltered perfumes. He consciously does not filter the scents to preserve their natural aspect. You can see this in small particles in the scents, pure nature.

In the Landscape Scents series he captures three places and seasons. CALA, the coast, in BOSC a summery forest and in MUGA a spring walk along the river of the same name.

Welcome on this all-natural trip to North Spain!