Emilie Coppermann - perfumer - Perfume Lounge

"Creating for The Different Company allows me to express myself without any constraint and in complicity with the brand.” Émilie Coppermann, 2012

Émilie Coppermann followed her perfumery training at the prestigious ISIPCA. She has worked for years for Symrise, one of the greats in the perfume industry. For example, she created perfumes for Van Cleef and Givenchy and received the Lalique Prize in 2012. In 2018, her work was again awarded the Coty Prize, blindly awarded by her peers.
Émilie, who, full of talent and modest, invents her beautiful creations, has made a name for itself in the modern perfume world over the years. She has been working as a perfumer for 20 years, during which time she became a master perfumer. Her creations exude a natural, a subtlety that is versatile and elegant.

For 9 years she has been making perfumes for The Different Company for whom she created all perfumes from the L'Esprit Cologne line and in 2020 Al Sahra.