Il Dieci Antonio Gardoni Bogue Profumo Francesca Bianchi Cuir Soyeux - Perfume Lounge

Perfume Lounge celebrated its 10th anniversary in October 2019, with two special limited-editions and a launch event where both perfumers were present.

The creations of our talented perfumers
Francesca Bianchi and Antonio Gardoni of Bogue Profumo both made a limited edition for us.
Il Dieci by Bogue Profumo for Perfume Lounge is a sunny sandalwood fragrance. Cuir Soyeux is Francesca Bianchi's fragrance, an iris scent, smooth and full of a vintage vibe. In both perfumes you can smell the characteristic style of these makers, which we love so much.
We are very happy and grateful for the great cooperation with these perfumers, the eye for detail and their enthusiasm throughout the process.

Unexpectedly popular
Both perfumes received very positive reviews and they both sold out, Il Dieci even within 2 weeks! In consultation with the perfumers, they will no longer be made, because it was a limited edition.

Il Dieci - Bogue Profumo for Perfume Lounge

The ultimate sandalwood perfume

Il Dieci - Bogue for Perfume LoungePackshot Il Dieci - Bogue Profumo for Perfume Lounge

Il Dieci means 'the 10' and this perfume is dedicated to our 10th anniversary. The choice of a woody perfume is based on the wood lines in the house style of Perfume Lounge, which can also be found as an engraving on the back of the bottle. In addition, the handmade wooden cap has the logo of the store (a nose).

What to expect in Il Dieci?
The fragrance opens with a sunny blast of citrus and decadent amounts of precious and sustainably produced sandalwood, giving the fragrance a smoothness that can be felt on the skin throughout wear. You also smell warm benzoin resin and the aromatic of cypress, pine, juniper and the needles of the juniper bush. Beeswax in the base gives the perfume a comfortable warmth.

Cuir Soyeux - Francesca Bianchi for Perfume Lounge

Dark, silky smooth with a dirty edge
Bottle Cuir Soyeux Francesca Bianchi for Perfume Lounge

For Cuir Soyeux Francesca was inspired by 2 favorite perfume ingredients of Phine and Tanja; leather and iris, a classic combination but not easy. Francesca managed to translate these notes into an exciting extrait de parfum with a great longevity.

What does Cuir Soyeux smell of?
The extremely high dose of iris butter, heliotropine and musk gives Cuir Soyeux a velvety powderiness. The full flowers in the heart, magnolia and narcissus, make the fragrance lush and deep. Plenty of labdanum and sandalwood give warmth and a hint of leather. The leather in this perfume is that of a vintage scent; full, dark and supported by flowers.

Cuir Soyeux - Francesca Bianchi for Perfume Lounge ambience