In this Dutch but subtitled vlog, Tanja and Chester discuss 4 themes in powdery perfumes.

Theme 1 - Enveloping caress (starting at 0:36)

Teint de Neige by Lorenzo Villoresi, the queen of the powdery perfumes (starting at 0:42)

l’Ombre Rose by Jean-Charles Brosseau lighter, more flowers (starting at 1:00)

Theme 2 - Vintage, Grand-poudreés (starting at 1:26)

Pois de Senteur by Caron from 1922, lots of sweet pea (starting at 1:33)

Shem-el-Nessim by Grossmith from 1906, classical, powdery, a 'perfume'  (starting at 1:56)

Theme 3 - Boudoir & make up (starting at 2:40)

Pourpre d’Automne by Maison Violet, reminiscent of elegant make up (starting at 2:54)

Poudre de Riz by Pierre Guillaume, face powder, colourful (starting at 3:12)

Theme 4 - Exciting & sensual (starting at 3:43)

Geste van Humiecki & Graef, clean with an exiting twist (starting at 3:53)

l’Ombre Fauve by Pierre Guillaume, powder on a sexy amber base (starting at 4:22)

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