It is with great pleasure that we invite you to a special introduction of the stylish young brand from Prague, Pigmentarium on Saturday October 29th.

We are organizing this afternoon in honor of their perfumes Paradiso and Erotikon, and two high-quality new scents of incense sticks.

The creator of Pigmentarium, Tomas Ric, is coming from Prague especially to Amsterdam to present the beautiful brand to us and you.

It will be a special fragrance experience and you will hear and smell a lot about the working method of this innovative brand, by the maker themself. We will also treat you to a refreshing cocktail, inspired by one of their perfumes.

When you buy  Pigmentarium, you will receive a €15 discount and a lovely present.

When: Saturday 29th of October 2022
Time: 15.00-17.00 hrs
Location: Perfume Lounge, Amsterdam
Language: English
Entrance: €20 euro p.p., of which €15 return upon purchase of a product.

You are invited!